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Prepare For Your Next Job Interview In English, etäkurssi

Kevätlukukausi: 18.4.–18.4.2023 (kertoja: 1)

Are you feeling nervous about your interview that is going to be conducted in English?

This interview preparation course is for non-native English speakers who are preparing for job interviews in English.
This course will show you how to answer the most common and difficult interview questions and give examples of top-quality answers that will lead you to excel at your interview.
You will learn the language of interviews and understand how to use those common phrases and buzzwords to help you convey your message in a natural manner.
There will be also role-play exercises covering different scenarios during the lesson to help you to prepare for job interviews. Pienryhmässä yksilöllisempää opetusta.

Kurssi nro: 1203909
Opettaja: Vignes Mustola
Opetuspaikka: Etäopetusta,

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