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Business English Communications Course jatkokurssi, edistynyt taso, etäkurssi

Syyslukukausi: 13.9.–22.11.2022 (kertoja: 10)

A strong business English communication and presentation skill set will undoubtedly increase your career opportunities in today’s globalized workplace. Knowing the communication skills needed in the workplace will empower you to build more solid relationships with your clients, business partners, colleagues, and managers.
During this continuation course from the spring term, we will review some of the topics covered in the spring term and continue with role-playing, presentation activities, and reinforcing the business vocabulary. Active participation from course attendees will be expected. Please note that the course will be conducted only in English. At the end of each lesson, there will be homework assigned. (Level/Taso B1–B2) Etäkurssi Teams-alustalla. Pienryhmä.

Kurssi nro: 1203905
Opettaja: Vignes Mustola
Opetuspaikka: Etäopetusta,

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